You are going to prepare your PC for your study life at Hiroshima University during this lecture. Here is the list of what you are going to do at this workshop.

* Some screenshots in this text are displayed in Japanese. Sorry for inconvenience.

  1. Initial setting of your PC (you can execute this chapter before getting your student ID.)
    If you turn on your PC for the first time, follow this chapter to see your Desktop in your PC.
  2. Creating a local account for the lectures
    Creating a local account for the lectures
  3. Know your PC's spec (you can do this chapter before getting student ID.)
    Know your PC's basic spec, such as type of CPU, type of your Windows10, storage capacity of your PC.
  4. Automatic update and software setup
    Set up Windows Update so that your Windows11 will keep updated. And set up anti-virus software, Microsoft Defender, to be updated automatically.
  5. Install required programs
    Install Google Chrome
  6. Online services (student ID is required)
    Momiji, Hirodai moodle, Office365 for Web (Outlook and OneDrive), MyMomiji
  7. Activate your Office365 app (student ID is required)
    Activate your Office365 app.
  8. Connect your PC to campus network, and submit Laptop Checklist
    Set up your PC to connect to HINET Wi-Fi.
  9. Appendix: How to install Office365 application.